10 O’Clock Live (Channel 4, Thu @ 10pm)

“Why does it take 4 people a week to do the work 1 Jon Stewart does in a day?”

LEAVING aside my EXTREME frustration with Channel 4’s decision to cut back The Daily Show to once a week (and thereby removing my last reason to watch More 4) I do grudgingly admire their decision to invest in a similar(-ish) concept for the UK. I’m a fan of all four anchors, so expectations were high, and to a great extent they were met. Charlie Brooker’s laconic, sardonic and dead-pan delivery – so finely honed through Screenwipe and Newswipe – are easily transferred. Jimmy Carr, with his well-groomed, be-suited image is perfect for spoofing headlines, in sections straight out of the Saturday Night Live playbook.

Lauren Laverne still needs a sketch that make the best use of her talents. She chaired the panel well, but her intelligence and comedic talents deserve more than what she was given here. But David Mitchell was the real surprise. Clearly hugely intelligent and well-informed (not to mention incredibly funny) he seemed the most visibly nervous. Whether it’s a ‘live TV’ issue or the fact he was left to do the serious interviews with little room for comedy. (Jon Stewart’s great genius is his lightness of touch with even his most formidable foes – and his ability to turn on a dime.) I’m sure the kinks will be worked out over the series. One note to Channel 4 though: an hour? There’s a reason The Daily Show and Colbert Report are 20mins – and why your audience dropped off half-way though.


~ by LittleMissMon on January 30, 2011.

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