American Idol, Eps 1+2 (ITV2, Thu @ 8pm / Fri @ 9pm)

“To my melodic sensibilities it was very delicious” – Idol is back

IF anyone feared that the loss of Simon Cowell would sink the already floundering cruise liner that is American Idol, Steven Tyler may just be the rubber-lipped life-saver executives had dreamed of. His borderline-inappropriate flirting with the young female contestants helps bring the same edge of danger that Cowell’s abrasive comments did – so wrong it’s right, and saving the show from descending into the saccharine, all-American-Mickey-Mouse-Club-family-friendly-fare (which it’ll inevitably become by the final). Tyler and fellow new judge, Jennifer Lopez, work well on the panel. The chemistry is there, the female, sympathetic ‘mother figure’, physically uncomfortable at every “no”, and the cabin-fever hysteria over the worst of the worst. This season of Idol definitely feels like it’s ‘accentuating the positive’ more – possibly without Cowell’s barbs to drive it – but so far the panel shake-up is doing the franchise no harm at all.


~ by LittleMissMon on January 30, 2011.

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