Glee – Duets (E4, Mon @ 9pm)

“So frikkin’ charming”

LIKE Halloween and Christmas in most shows, the ‘Duets’ episode (along with Mashups and Single-Artist-Tributes) looks set to become an annual staple on Glee. Not quite the emotional punch of last week’s ‘Grilled Cheesus’ episode, but a good way to advance the storylines of some of the lesser-featured cast, including the all-star Arian pairing of newboy Sam and troubled Quinn. There’s a good mix of music (Mercedes and Santana), comedy (‘the Asians’, Finnchel’s competition-losing number) and drama (Dianna Agron continues to impress with her vulnerable performances). But the episode has its flaws – the ‘nuzzling’ incident with Brittany and Santana feels oddly unnecessary and Kurt’s ‘solo duet’ – though fitting plot-wise – is a disappointing song choice for such a great singer, and definitely feels like ‘one for the grown-ups’.  Still, an entertaining episode with plenty to have you heading to iTunes.


~ by LittleMissMon on January 31, 2011.

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